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Car Seat Protector Buying Guide

By Peter Swanson February 24, 2020

A car is far more than just a quick way of getting from point A to B. For many people, their vehicle is a big part of their life and something worth taking the best possible care of. It's also nice when it looks great!

Seat protectors are essential for keeping your vehicle's interior in top shape. However, buying the first cheap car seat protector you can find is never a good idea. This is a sure way of spending more money since you'll be shopping for another set of seat protectors a couple of months down the road. Quality is important, and your vehicle deserves the best.

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Take time to shop around and figure out which protector best suits your car and your personal needs. If you're weighing your options before you buy, check out our buyer's guide below.


It seems obvious, but car seats aren't all the same size! Before anything else, you should measure the size of your car seats and adjust your search accordingly. Some seat protectors are made to fit a specific model of car, and this makes your search easier. All the same, it's best to be sure.

Remember to measure the back seats as well. If your back seat is a standard bench-type seat, it'll usually need two or more protectors, so get your tape and measure it up.


If you're just looking to protect against basic wear and tear, a simple cover will do. These rest on top of the seat. However, for full protection (as well as a more comfortable fit), a fitted car seat protector will serve you best. These wrap around under car seats and don't crease or crumple like a laying sheet.

Material and Construction

Your choice of material is important for three reasons: how the seat feels, the protection offered, and how the material looks. Here is a general description on materials:


Besides being very affordable, cotton has several advantages. These include being highly versatile, low-maintenance, and also very breathable - perfect for those hot days.


For those looking for a more luxurious choice, velour is incredibly soft to the touch. Fashioned with several layers, velour is thick and very durable, making it ideal for colder climates.


Oxford seat protectors are kid-friendly and so are perfect for baby seats. The material is very strong as well as waterproof, making it great for spillages. It also cleans very easily, with a simple wipe-down.


Durable, beautiful, and the ultimate luxury material for car interiors. Many seat protectors offer leather panels, which not only make your car look gorgeous but provide excellent protection against damage from shoes and rough objects.

Overall Design

As we said earlier, a car is seldom 'just a car.' It's your car, and through your car's character, you can express your own. Your choice of car seat protector is a big part of this. If you're looking for something a little wilder than neutral colors, there's an incredible range of designs out there.

This is what makes shopping around for car seat protection so worthwhile. Your car can feel and look just as you want it to. If you've got a family, you can find cute seat protectors for baby seats. Many designs also feature additional storage space. Front seat protectors may have a pocket behind the seat, so the kids' travel entertainment is within reach and doesn't have to be stored under car seats.


Safety is of paramount importance in every aspect of road trouble, and seat protectors are no exception. Before you make a purchase, review your preferred choice alongside your car seats and check every angle. Make sure that nothing is going to compromise the existing safety features of your vehicle.


Keeping your car seat protector secure on the seat is also essential. This is one reason why size is so important; a good fit will secure more easily. Many protectors offer security straps, including some which can be secured under car seats with an adjustable buckle.

For baby seats, you can get bespoke protectors. However, the baby seat still has to rest on the back seat, and so you need to be sure that it won't slide around on your back seat protectors. Similarly, ensure that all buckles can be used without any impairment.

A secure car seat protector is vital not just for your safety and that of your passengers, but also for comfort. Nobody wants to be slipping around on their seat as you drive. Fastening your protectors firmly under car seats will minimize the risk of this. Beyond this, a cover that keeps slipping halfway off doesn't make for a good look!

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Seat Protectors

Q: Will my seat protector slip when I sit on it?

A: A well-fitted sheet that is the right size for your car shouldn't slip around much. Getting the dimensions and fitting process correct are the best ways to avoid slipping, although they will move a bit if exposed to heavy pressure.

If the back seat of your car has a sheet fitted, it's important to remember for baby seats that they need to be appropriately buckled and strapped in. As long as you ensure everything is secured, slipping shouldn't be an issue.

Q: Are they hard to install?

A: Installation is usually fairly straightforward, and it's easy enough to find guides for attaching most seat protectors. You may find that you have to adjust the seat slightly to fit the protector properly, but usually, it's just a matter of fastening a few straps.

Sometimes a custom-made car seat protector will need fitting slightly differently, owing to the bespoke nature of the design.

Q: What's the most damage-resistant material?

A: For maximum protection, you can't beat waterproof materials such as Oxford or leather. Some of the heaviest soiling or damage a seat will take is from spillages, such as hot drinks. If this happens on the road, you often don't have the immediate time or cleaning resources to sort the problem, so waterproof protectors are a godsend.

As well as guarding against spillages, these materials tend to be resistant to damage from scratching or tearing.

Q: I have a dog. Do I need a seat protector?

Short answer: yes! Whatever size or shape your beloved pet comes in, a protector will help keep your seats free from scratching and other damage. There is also a wide range of covers specially designed for dogs.

Q: Will it affect my airbag?

With airbags that inflate from the front, seat protectors aren't an impediment at all. However, some cars have side airbags - a common feature in modern vehicles for maximum head protection. If your car deploys side airbags, investing in a custom seat protector will allow these airbags to perform without hindrance.

Q: Are seat protectors easy to clean?

It depends on the material, but covers are easy to look after. Shaking them out and vacuuming is always a good solution, and some materials - such as cotton - are machine washable. If you're unsure, always check the protector's instruction manual.

Q: Will it be uncomfortable to sit on?

No, not at all! Many covers are made from materials several layers thick, which makes the seat softer. Those protectors with padding may also relieve stress on the back.

To Wrap Up...

Finding the best solution for your vehicle and personal needs will make your life easier for years to come. If you're searching for an elegant, comfortable way to look after your Car interior, see our top choice here. Take some time and choose wisely!

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