About Lusso Gear

Established in 2016, Lusso Gear is on a mission to make everyday travel safe, simple, and fun for families. 

Let's face it- travel is a hassle whether you're flying across the world or making a quick run to the grocery store. Shuttling kids and pets and the endless amounts of stuff they bear can be overwhelming. Add a train, plane, or bus into the equation? Chaos.

At Lusso Gear, we are committed to making these everyday journeys better. We understand that you don’t ever want to compromise on their safety. Acquaint yourself with our finest range of handy products designed to make your life simple and easy. Our car seat protectors, kick mats and back seat organizers are ideal for anyone who has to deal with a mess in their car on every other occasion.

You can enjoy a smooth comfortable ride, while you buckle in and make your child feel comfortable and secure with car seat protectors and upholsters. We have upheld the standard and quality of our products to provide you with the most durable collection of our finest range of car mats and back seat organizers. Say goodbye to the mess in the back seat; with clustered toys and books lying around. Equip yourself with our organizing heavy duty back seat kick mats for storage purposes. Our custom designs are highly modifiable to your needs. If you wish to change or to reevaluate any modification in our sleek design we are more than comfortable to abide.

Lusso Gear takes pride in providing safe applicable devise for your cars and automobiles. Our premium range of high quality products are bound to impress you.