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How To Clean Car Windows Like A Pro

By Peter Swanson February 12, 2020

How to properly clean your car window to make it spotless, squeaky clean and shiny to get that ultimate detailed look to set your car apart for all the others. 

If you missed our previous articles, we already covered how to clean both leather and cloth seats using either commercial or household materials. 

What You Will Need:

  • Premium Glass Cleaner
  • Clay Lubricant
  • Detailing Clay Premium Microfiber Towel - Herringbone pattern (initial wipe and cleaning)
  • Premium Glass Towel - Waffle Weave (for the final wipe and buff)
  • Spray Wax

You can carry all these supplies in the handy Lusso Gear Car seat organizer.


1. Clean the glass

Spray the glass cleaner generously on the glass. Then use the box method of cleaning the glass using the premium microfiber towel.

clean car window

The box cleaning method of cleaning means doing the four corners of your window first, then you go up and down, then left to right motion when wiping your glass. This is the initial wipe to make sure you remove the majority of the dirt that is on your window.

2. Clay the glass

Next step is the claying stage. Get your clay bar and clay lubricant. Spray a bit of the clay lubricant directly into the clay bar. Spray more clay lubricant into your window and then rub the clay bar into your window.

using clay on windows

This step removes any industrial fallouts or contaminants or iron particles that might be in the glass. This step will give the glass a silky smooth feel. Clay the glass using an up and down, left to right motion. After you have done claying your glass, wipe it up with the premium microfiber towel again making sure you have removed all the residue.

3. Clean the glass

After claying, get the glass cleaner and premium microfiber towel again and wipe the glass again using the box method.

wipe window clean

For secondary wiping, use the premium glass towel (waffle weave) and buff the surface of the glass.

4. Apply protection

Lastly, apply the spray wax for protection. Spray a bit of the spray wax on your glass and buff the glass with the premium glass towel (waffle weave) using the box method.

protect car window glass

These steps on how to clean car windows like a pro came from Youtube Pan The Organizer.

These are the steps on how to properly clean your car window. If you want to clean your windshield, this is also a very effective way. Additionally, you can add a glass sealant or a ceramic coating to your windshield.

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