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Car waste container customer guide

By Peter Swanson April 14, 2020

Exercising good hygiene and environmental responsibility should not only happen in our homes, you should dispose of waste in the right manner, even when driving. Instead of tossing leftover drinks and foods out of your car window, you can buy a car trash can for later disposal.

Anyone who has attempted to buy a car trash can must be aware of how difficult it is to make the right choice. Many brands offer different colors, sizes, and designs of car garbage cans. 

We've compiled some crucial factors you need to consider when shopping for an automobile trash container. Click on the the links below to read more about each:

Size and Capacity

The size of your car garbage holder is one of the most critical factors. While it's reasonable to buy a big litter basket that can hold a lot of trash, it shouldn't take much space or legroom. 

There's a delicate balance between finding a product that is big but sizable enough to leave enough legroom. Go for something in between, depending on how spacious your vehicle is.


A trash cover comes in handy when you want to prevent the garbage from falling on the car seats or floor. 

Once you dump your trash in the can, you should be able to zip or close the top of the trash holder. This helps prevent bad odor and the presence of insects. It also prevents garbage from getting blown when the car windows are rolled down.

Simplicity of Handling

Buying a handy garbage container makes it easier to transfer trash into the main dumping sites. Check whether the trash basket has sturdy and comfortable straps or handles for you to hold. The last thing you want is trash falling on the floor of your car when the straps get damaged. 

Strong handles also ensure your hands don't come into contact with the garbage when using your garbage can.

Ease of Installation and Use

A car waste container shouldn't take long to install or uninstall. A minute or so should be enough to get the job done. Look for a product that is easy to use for the young and elderly. 

Holding its Position

Whether your trash can is designed to be placed on the floor or hooked on the seat, it should hold its position firmly. This helps a lot, especially when you are driving on uneven roads. Buy a bag that has strong loops and hooks to avoid littering when the car is moving.

User Reviews and Ratings

The easiest way to know whether a product is good enough is to get the opinion of other users. Check what other people who have already tried the product are saying about it. Compare the negative and positive views to know whether it's worth purchasing.

Special Features

Most manufacturers have identified the challenges that people face when using car trash cans. For instance, the constant shaking and movement of a vehicle might lead to garbage falling out of the bag. Other problems involve liquid trash dripping on seats or car floors and the bad smell emanating from the container. 

This means you have to look for a product with unique features to avoid these inconveniences. Go for a can that is: 

  • Leak-proof
  • Waterproof 
  • Oil-proof


The price depends on factors such as: 

  • The material
  • Capacity
  • The functionality of a garbage holder

However, different brands charge different prices for similar features. If there are no significant differences between the two products, go for the cheaper one. However, don't buy a car trash can just because it is cheaper; the aim here is to compare the price against the features and quality of the can before buying.

Ease of Cleaning

Since automotive trash containers are likely to get dirty, it's important to buy something easy to wash. Don't buy a color or material that is likely to form stubborn stains. You can place a disposable plastic bag inside the trash can to avoid staining.

How to Find the Best Product for Your Needs

People have different needs and preferences. While one product might be appealing to one person, it might not gain favor from another. Car trash cans also differ in size, functionality, and aesthetics. Check this buyer guide to make an informed decision.

The 3 Types of Car Trash Cans

There are three types of automotive garbage cans based on where or how they are placed inside a car. These include:

      1) Cup holder trash can

    These are normally made of plastic material. They can be attached to the cup holder at the front or back seat. Although a Cup holder trash can is not as common as other types, their biggest advantage is that the driver can easily reach them. They also save space and do not block any features in the car.

    However, the biggest disadvantage is small capacity. They might also fail to fit in your cup holder if the size does not match.

      2) Hooked / Hanging trash can

    These are among the most common trash cans in the market today. They are either hooked or strapped around the headrest. You can hang them at the back of the passenger or driver seat. 

    Hanging trash cans usually have a bigger capacity compared to the ones attached to cup holders. They are also easy to reach and do not block the driver or passengers.

    The only downside is that the straps might not be long enough to fit every car.

      3) Floor car trash can

    These are easier to install because they are usually placed on the floor. Most of them come with some special straps to avoid rolling or overturning when the car is in motion. Floor garbage cans usually have a bigger capacity than other types.

    The only advantage is that they can consume space or legroom, which can make passengers uncomfortable.

    Points to Note

    When buying a trash can for cars, you need to ensure the product you are buying has the following features.

    Right size for your car

    You need to consider the amount of trash you are planning to dispose of. For instance, if you have a big family, you need a bigger garbage holder to accommodate more waste. The size of your car also matters a lot. Your two-seater sports car won't fit the same size of garbage can as your 7-seater family car.


    Look for something that blends with the interior of your car, Leather seat protector or Child car mirror. The material should also be stain-proof and perfectly stitched.

    Durability and price

    Buying a cost-friendly product is important, but you should also consider how durable it is. Buy a sturdy bag that can serve you for many years. Compare prices and go for a bag that is within your budget.

    Interior lining

    If you don't want liquids dripping in your car, then you definitely need to go for leak-proof and waterproof lining.

    Convenience of use

    Buy a trash can that is easy to install or handle whenever you want to transfer trash.

    Final Thoughts

    There's no doubt having an automotive trash container is essential. Before you buy one for your car, make sure it incorporates all the necessary features. 

    Don't forget to compare prices to get the most affordable deal. See our Best one here

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