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What is a Baby Car Mirror?

Any parent will tell you that it's essential to look behind them while driving to check on their baby, both for the child's well-being and to ease anxiety. However, this puts the parent at risk when driving.

But did you know you can purchase a mirror to look back and see your baby while driving?

A baby car mirror is a small mirror that you mount on the rear seat of your car facing towards your baby, slightly angled so that you can look in the review mirror and see the baby's reflection in the smaller mirror. It's a very useful accessory for any parent to have.

Due to safety restrictions for babies, their car seats need to face the back of the car. For this reason, parents can't just use their rearview mirror as normal to check on their baby. It's also obviously not safe for parents to constantly be looking behind them while driving, so a baby car mirror is essential for the health and well-being of everyone in the vehicle.

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Important Features to Look for in Infant Car Seat Mirrors

While purchasing a baby car mirror might seem straightforward, there are several features that you should consider.


First, the size of the attachment is important. You'll need to consider the type of car that you drive; if you're seated farther away from your baby in a larger car, you'll need something larger to make it easier to see your baby.

You'll also need to make sure that you're able to see your baby clearly. As babies can't speak, you'll need to be able to see their facial expressions since this is one of the only ways they can convey they are uncomfortable. If you purchase one that is too small, it might end up not being used, and you'll never get the view you need.


Even though it might seem like a simple purchase, there are different types of product options to consider. One mirror isn't suitable for all vehicles, so you must consider the features of your car before you buy anything.

For example, most mirrors attach to the headrest directly behind the car seat. However, many cars don't have headrests at all, making this design incompatible with the baby mirror.

There are options available that you can mount inside the car for a Rear-view mirror without a headrest, but these are usually harder to come by.

Strap Durability

If you do end up being able to purchase a mirror that straps on to a headrest, you also need to consider the durability of the strap that is holding it in place. Roads aren't always smooth, after all, so you need to be able to depend on the mirror to stay in place through bumpy roads or sudden turns.

Not only is it important for being able to check in on your baby, but an unstable strap also means that it could potentially fall and cause injury to your baby.

If there is an option to purchase a mirror with double straps, this will most likely be your best option. This way, if one strap becomes loose or breaks, there will be another to hold the weight of the mirror until you can stop driving and fix it or purchase a new one.

General Durability

The durability of the device itself is also important. Not only do the straps need to be sturdy, but the mirror should be as well. If the mirror were to fall, you'd want to avoid any glass shattering and potentially causing harm. Choosing to buy a shatterproof mirror is always the best option.

Aside from worrying about the glass breaking, there's also the lesser problem of general upkeep. If the mirror scratches easily, it will be difficult to see your baby's reflection after a certain amount of time passes, and you'll have to worry about replacing it often. Not only would it be inconvenient, but it would be a waste of money in the long run.


If your vehicle doesn't have a headrest to attach the mirror to, you also need to weigh your options when it comes to the ease of attaching and detaching the car seat mirror. This will be useful if you need to purchase a new car. You can easily move it over, just like the Child car organizer.

It's also likely that your car won't be the only one that your baby will be in, so you may need to transfer the mirror in between cars depending on who is responsible for the baby on that day. This is especially true if each parent has their own vehicle, or if family or family friends often babysit.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Remember to consider the headrests that you have in your vehicle, if any. Some mirrors are designed for cars without headrests, but they are usually harder to find and might require you to purchase it online.

Installing Shatterproof Glass

The glass on the mirror you choose should be extremely durable. Accidents happen no matter what, but it's important to take the necessary precautions still to be as safe as possible.

For this reason, it's important to purchase a shatterproof mirror. Some have hard plastic support or a plastic frame, either of which would be a good choice.

Attachment Straps

Make sure that the attachment straps are durable and able to hold the mirror in place, even at high speeds or sudden turns. Strong polyester straps are the best option for this.

You might also want to consider the types of clips that each strap has. Even if the strap itself is very strong, this could end up being useless if the clips are weak and easy to undo.

Getting the Best View

The best baby car mirror allows you to look at your baby from all angles. This only happens when it can rotate 360 degrees, which also allows you to adjust the mirror to the specific angle that you need.


Baby car mirrors usually come already assembled and ready to install. The only adjustment you should need to make is fixing the straps securely to the mirror and the car.


If you're looking for safety, convenience, and peace of mind when driving in the car with your baby, then a baby car mirror is a must-have. It's never good to be overly anxious while driving, and this car mirror will keep you calm and focused on the road. And it goes well with a Car seat tray.

While the process of finding the best car seat mirror can seem complicated, it does get easier when you familiarize yourself with the best options available. Features like durable attachment straps, shatterproof glass, and the ability to rotate 360 degrees are the most important to consider while weighing purchase options. Also, the best mirrors available are easy to attach and don't require any assembly at purchase.

So, which is the best baby car mirror available for purchase? See our top choice here.

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